Automated Control System is a heart of any elevator. Professional elevator technological planning, carried out by Convex International GmbH experts, allows to optimize grain logistic by reducing energy input and equipment depreciation.
Process automation systems by Convex solve a number of important tasks:

  • Increasing annual production volume;
  • Enhancing an operational reliability of elevator;
  • Optimization, central monitoring, enhancing the effectiveness and the safety of processes;
  • Reduction of labor input.

Our company carries out the full range of works, necessary for modern automation system implementation:

  • ICS engineering and provision of documentation;
  • Control cabinet and power cabinet production;
  • Engineering and completing cable tracks;
  • Procurement, installation, commissioning and start-up of automation cabinets and different electro-technical equipment;
  • Electrical equipment maintenance.
    Well-known quality “Maid in Germany”.
    Control cabinets assembly is carried out at our own company in Germany by highly qualified professionals, which warrants unparalleled quality of equipment.
    The use constitutive elements produced by high-class manufacturers, such as Rittal, Schneider Electric, Siemens gives our Customers full confidence in the safety and reliability of the equipment.
    Service 24/7
    Projects, realized by our company, are intended on the maximal productivity with allowance for peak load in harvesting season. At this critical time any equipment downtime could turn into heavy economic losses.
    Due to this we pay particular attention to service soultions. We offer carrying pre-season inspection for our equipment. In a case of contingent situations our professionals are ready to provide necessary remote support 24/7. If necessary, we make provision for service team visit to the object within 24 hours.