Global consumption of agricultural products has been constantly growing. Complex environmental conditions and a need for sustainable development impose new additional production requirements.

It is the intersection of these two challenges of the 21st century that set the main line of development for our company.

With more than 10 years of experience in the design and construction of production facilities for agricultural and processing profile, our company develops an individual solution for each project that allows us to generate the greatest return while saving resources. The use of the most reliable equipment from global manufacturers allows us to give a guarantee of quality and productivity.

An important aspect of our solutions is an increased focus on the requirements of energy efficiency and minimisation of harmful impact on the environment.

Being a 100% German company, we pay attention to partnership not only when it comes to the issues of technological cooperation, but also financing. By providing our customers with an access to the Western European financial market with low interest rates and long loan terms, we contribute to the formation of global parity and the development of international cooperation.

The combination of all these factors makes Convex International GmbH a worthy partner for future-oriented businesses.


Convex International GmbH participated in the AGRO UKRAINE SUMMIT 2024, which took place on February 2, 2024, in Kyiv

AGRO UKRAINE SUMMIT is a forum focused on agrotechnologies, innovations, and the pursuit of effective…
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Convex International GMBH has implemented a project in Ukraine using hoppers with a capacity of 1,800 tons each

Six hoppers, each with a capacity of 1,800 tons, were manufactured and delivered to one…
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