About the company

Convex International is a dynamically developing corporate group specialising in the implementation of complex technology projects in the agricultural sector.

The main activities of the corporate group are engineering projects in design and construction of grain drying plants, grain elevators, high-quality feed plants, integrated re-equipment of food industry enterprises as well as supply and maintenance of agricultural machinery. Having a deep expertise in technological re-equipment of enterprises with attraction of financing sources, Convex International also renders services in support of projects in various sectors of the national economy and investment consulting.

Success of our corporate group is based on the high professionalism of its employees.

Engineering department, project financing and maintenance departments provide full support for projects at all the stages of their implementation.

Cooperation with trusted global leaders in design and manufacture of industrial equipment guarantees our customers high quality and advanced innovative technologies.

The flexible structure of the Convex International corporate group makes it possible to most fully meet the ever-growing demands of customers.

The concept chosen during the creation of the corporate group has been confirmed by numerous completed projects in all the areas of the company’s activities and positive customer reviews.

We hope for your interest and mutually beneficial cooperation!


Convex International GmbH participated in the AGRO UKRAINE SUMMIT 2024, which took place on February 2, 2024, in Kyiv

AGRO UKRAINE SUMMIT is a forum focused on agrotechnologies, innovations, and the pursuit of effective…
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Convex International GMBH has implemented a project in Ukraine using hoppers with a capacity of 1,800 tons each

Six hoppers, each with a capacity of 1,800 tons, were manufactured and delivered to one…
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