The heart of any industrial facility is its automated control system. The professional planning carried out by Convex International GmbH specialists allows you to optimize logistics, reducing energy costs, process downtime and wear of equipment.

Thanks to long-term cooperation with leading European companies in the field of production and implementation of industrial automation systems, we have gained great experience and professionally carry out the full range of works necessary for the implementation of a modern automation system.

  • Exact fulfillment of the customer's wishes;
  • Improvement of the reliability of the facility;
  • Process optimization;
  • Increase in annual production volumes;
  • Centralized control and efficiency increase of the facility;
  • Improving the safety of the production process;

Our services

  • Design of process automation systems and provision of project documentation;
  • Manufacture and supply of power and control cabinets;
  • Custom software development and integration;
  • Design and completing of cable routes;
  • Installation of cables, components and other equipment;
  • Maintenance of electrical equipment;
  • Warranty and post-warranty service