The storage facility for cleaning, drying and a long-term grain storage with capacity of 120.000 t is built in Vapnjarka, Tomashpol District, Vinnytsia Region, Ukraine.

The Client – OOO ЕPICENTR K.

The storage facility includes:

  • Equipment for receiving of the incoming grain from the motor vehicles;
  • Cleaners;
  • Silos for the wet grain receiving;
  • 2 grain-dryer with capacity 84.7 tons/hour of corn each;
  • Silos for grain storage, with the total volume of 157 860 m³;
  • Transport equipment with efficiency 200 t/h;
  • Equipment for unloading grain on railway transport
  • Grain temperature monitoring, ventilation systems, catwalks, sweep augers;
  • Automatic system for grain storage plant control.

The project is being in industrial use.