Continuous intensification of production requires modern technological solutions and high-performance equipment for the production of animal feed. High-quality balanced animal feed is the basis for increasing the productivity of domestic animals and poultry.

We offer a wide range of animal feed equipment from leading manufacturers. Our program includes the construction of complete plants for the production of animal feed with a capacity from 2 to 100 t/h as well as lines for the production of premixes and concentrates. You can also take advantage of special technological solutions for the production of feed for valuable fish and pets.

What makes the equipment supplied by us different from other plants is high quality, low operating costs and compliance with safety requirements. Applied production process automation systems can reduce the number of staff required.

We actively cooperate with specialised research centres and are ready to provide comprehensive assistance in the development and implementation of animal feed formulae, as well as to render technology audit and process optimisation services at the customer’s enterprise.

The attribute of the animal feed equipment we offer is flat die presses with the following advantages:

  • the product is fed into the press in a free flow;
  • the working chamber with rollers has a larger size. This allows our customers to use large rollers and large bearings with a longer service life;
  • lower circumferential speed of the rollers (2.5 m/s vs 6-8 m/s for presses with a ring die) reduces wear of the rollers and dies;
  • dies can be made for double-sided use - i.e. they can be turned over, which provides double service life.