One of our priorities is the resolution of all issues related to post-harvest handling and storage of grain. We have deep expertise in the design and construction of turnkey new facilities of any complexity as well as the modernisation of existing ones.

Our specialists will study your facilities in details, advise you on the composition of the equipment and offer optimal solutions. Special attention is paid to the compliance with safety requirements for the equipment (ladders, intermediate platforms and catwalks), as well as local climatic conditions (snow, seismic and wind loads).

RSE - Convex lnternational Group supplies the whole range of equipment for grain processing and storage:

  • silos up to 30,000 m3 of corrugated or smooth-walled sheets with galvanization up to 600 g/m2
  • stationary and mobile dryers with a capacity from 5 to 300 t/h;
  • grain cleaning machines and systems for the natural preservation of grain allowing our customers to increase its commercial value, ensure a long shelf life and preserve the grain from pests without chemicals;
  • transport equipment (elevators, scraper and belt conveyors) with a capacity of up to 1.800 t/ h;
  • gravity flow systems with a galvanized or special wear-resistant polymer coating;
  • samplers, high-precision laboratory equipment and thermometry systems;
  • electrical equipment and software management systems for industrial grain silos;
  • equipment for outdoor grain storage.

Advantages of our solutions

  • storage, processing and drying of all types of crops, oilseeds and legumes: wheat, corn, barley, rice, oats, sunflower, rape, sorghum, soybean as well as tropical products (coffee, cocoa);
  • use of durable corrosion-resistant materials (aluminium, galvanized steel, special alloys);
  • high efficiency and low specific energy consumption, including the use of heat recirculation systems in dryers;
  • equipment modularity due to the use of standard components with the possibility of expansion in the future;
  • sparing processing modes of seeds;
  • simplicity and ease of maintenance;
  • high automation.