Quality Made in Germany.

The assembly of control cabinets is carried out at our own plant in Germany by qualified specialists, which guarantees unsurpassed quality of the equipment.

Technical solutions are based on components from leading European manufacturers.

For each project we develop a unique individual design, focusing on focusing on efficiency and reliability.

We use only high-quality steel enclosures. Compact arrangement of components saves space and cost of implementation. Precise calculation of component heat dissipation and required cooling guarantees plant safety and reliability under any given conditions.



Signing of the Framework Agreement at the URC 2024 Conference

As part of the Ukraine Recovery Conference Berlin 2024, our company signed a framework agreement…
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Convex International GmbH participated in the AGRO UKRAINE SUMMIT 2024, which took place on February 2, 2024, in Kyiv

AGRO UKRAINE SUMMIT is a forum focused on agrotechnologies, innovations, and the pursuit of effective…
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