Gorodok, Lviv region, Ukraine.

T.B. Fruit is international group of companies with a closed production cycle (growing raw materials – processing – transportation).

T.B. Fruit is the leader of the Ukrainian market and the third largest producer of concentrated juices in Europe.

The Group includes its own garden lands, 7 fruit and vegetable processing plants (Ukraine, Poland, Moldova), as well as a transport and logistics and engineering business.

To ensure the best quality of the end product, the development of gardening is an important activity of the company. Plantings of raspberries, cherries, apples, carrots and red beets – 3,500 ha.

The company has its own brand of direct-squeezed Juices – Galicia.

The equipment for the juices production juices was delivered:

  • decanters;
  • separators;
  • freezing equipment.

The project for the supply of equipment was implemented in 2019.