The technological process of production of each type of cereals is specific and has its own nature. We offer customised solutions for complex processing: cleaning, sorting, peeling, production of cereals (oats, barley, and buckwheat), flakes (for baby food, flakes that do not require cooking, mixtures, and muesli). Production lines are notable for their reliable modular design, possibility of flexible settings and energy efficiency. Moreover, they are ease in maintenance and have a long service life. We also supply modern plants for the processing of legumes, production of split peeled peas, split peeled lentil, sorted peeled beans.

FHS02-Uebersicht-12r переработка риса

FHS43-Hafer-12r линии переработки овса

FHS55-SoBlu-12r переработка подсолнечника

FHS56-ExtrudFood-12r производство готовых завтраков

FHS57-Lebensm-12r машины пищевой промышленности