Convex International specialists perform a full range of services necessary to start and maintain the equipment:

  • Installation works on site;
  • Start-up and adjustment works of power electrical equipment;
  • Start-up and adjustment works of the software part of the automated process control system;
  • Commissioning of sensors and instrumentation equipment;
  • Personnel training.

Service 24/7

The projects implemented by our company are designed for maximum productivity, considering the peak load during the harvest season.

At this critical time, any equipment downtime can result in serious economic losses for our customers. For this reason, we pay special attention to service support.

We offer a pre-season inspection of our equipment.

In case of unforeseen situations, our specialists are ready to provide the necessary remote support 24/7. If the presence of a technical specialist is necessary, we provide a service team to the site within 24 hours.


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